Baby Love Infant Massage is a 4 session course in Southern Tasmania offered to parents and primary caregivers of babies aged 6+ weeks, right through until pre-crawling stage (usually around 10 months).

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Baby Love Infant Massage has been facilitating short courses in Southern Tasmania since 2013. In that time, more than a thousand babies have attended the course with their parent/s or primary care giver. The course is paced to suit the parent and baby and the benefits gained are immense. The physical health, social and emotional benefits include improved digestion and relief from the painful symptoms of wind, constipation, reflux and colic. The hormones produced by both the baby and her mother allow them to relax and enjoy a special bonding experience together. Massage also assists to regulate the infants sleep patterns and will put them into a deeper sleep, often prolonging the length of daytime naps and helping baby to sleep through the night.

The course is held in a warm and inviting space where parents are encouraged to show support to each other. Participation leads to increased confidence and empowerment and many local parents are returning as they grow their families.

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