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“Thank you Fiona for the wonderful experience shared by myself and my baby son Mitchell. We have sadly finished our 3 week course but have walked away with an experience that will last a lifetime.

I joined “Baby Love Infant Massage” as a way to bond with my first son and found that Mitch responded so well to the massage that it is now incorporated in his night time bed routine.

Fiona, you are very professional and approachable and your knowledge of massage is evident during the sessions. The pace of the course is set at the pace of the babies making them feel comfortable and relaxed.

I would recommend the “Baby Love Infant Massage” course to anyone as it is a wonderful opportunity to bond with your baby, learn valuable skills and meet other mothers. I will definitely re-do the course in the new year with Mitch. Thanks again for a wonderful experience”. Erin (November 2013)

“I thoroughly enjoyed Fiona’s Baby Love Infant Massage course. Fiona’s gentle flexibility to accommodate the rapid and constantly changing needs of young babies while teaching massage, and her interest in encouraging new mums to share their pregnancy, birth and parenting journeys openly and honestly lead to a warm and safe place to share this special experience with my precious daughter”. (Sarah Boyle – mum of the beautiful Ellie-Mae)

“I enjoyed meeting with a group of ladies and babies so close in age to my own child. It was great to be able to share our experiences with each other- I found it very helpful for transitioning into parenthood.” Amy (of Southern TAS)

“My daughter (Ivy) and I really enjoyed Fiona’s Baby Love Infant Massage course. We found it really helped with Ivy’s wind and upset stomach.
It was great to get to meet other mums and bubs and share experiences and tips.
A wonderful experience!” (Grace Martin)

“I enjoyed the interaction with other new mums and learning the different massage strokes and seeing it help my baby relax. I love using the different massage techniques to help settle my baby.” (Amy Johns)

“A very worthwhile and enjoyable bonding experience. The flexible delivery of the course caters for the individual needs of the mothers and their babies” (Kim Kay, January 2014)

“A wonderful way to bond with my daughter. (Her) Dad also uses the techniques for his “dad & daughter time”. I liked learning the techniques in a relaxed and flexible atmosphere and having all the products, towels etc provided” (Danielle Stojanoski, January 2014)

“I found the course to be a very good way to bond with bub and to refresh my mind with the massage strokes after having my first bub. It’s also a great way to meet other new mothers” (Melissa Costin, January 2014)

“I really enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere and understanding in working to each babies individual personality. I enjoyed learning all the individual strokes for a complete baby massage. The handouts and information is terrific” (Fiona Jordan-Coad, January 2014)

“I enjoyed learning how to help Charlotte with her wind, meeting other mums and sharing experiences. It was a friendly and relaxed atmosphere and a wonderful way to bond and spend time with my daughter” (Kristy Cranage, February 2014)

“I enjoyed bonding with my baby and meeting other mummy’s”
(Melinda Denny, February 2014)

“I enjoyed the social aspect/conversation as well as the various techniques”
(David Lees, February 2014)

“Fiona creates such a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere for babies. It’s so lovely seeing my baby respond to massage. He sleeps all afternoon following the session! Thanks Fiona, it was Fabulous” (Annabel Saunder/Paediatric Nurse/Midwife RHH – February 2014)

“At first I was unsure whether the classes would benefit me, especially being my second child, but I am so glad we did it. The whole family really enjoyed it and it was a fantastic bonding experience for mum, dad, big sister and baby. We have gained so many skills and techniques that we can use at home and we have met some lovely people in the process”
(Amy Standen, February 2014)

“Fiona is well prepared and explains each massage stroke well. It was lovely and warm too, which I loved. I enjoyed the interaction with my baby and the social side of it, meeting other mums”
(Fiona Isaac, February 2014)

“I looked forward to baby massage every week and so did my daughter. It is something we now incorporate into Bonnie’s routine and she loves it. I enjoyed learning massage techniques with my baby and interaction with other mums and bubs”
(Angela Somerville, February 2014)

“Baby massage is a very rewarding session as it teaches you useful techniques to massage and bond positively with your baby. I enjoyed learning the techniques and mixing with mums and getting advice on issues from them” (Ally Lane, March 2014)

“A great way to meet new mums and bond with my baby in a calming environment. I enjoyed meeting new mums early on so you realise you’re not alone”
(Danielle Stojanoski, January & March 2014)

“The baby massage classes run by Fiona were really enjoyable for both bub and I, I’m so glad we did it. As a first-time mum I didn’t know quite what to expect and so was a little anxious before arriving at the first class, but the environment provided by Fiona was warm & welcoming. The room was comfortable and well set up and it was a real pleasure to meet & exchange experiences with other mums who had newborns of a similar age.

As for the massage itself, it’s a wonderful experience for parents to share with their newborn. It really helps baby relax and allows you to bond with them in a special way.

During the classes Fiona encouraged us to go at our own pace (ie. we stopped as often as we wanted to feed bub etc). Fiona also had some excellent resources which she happily loaned to us. I would thoroughly recommend Fiona’s baby massage classes to any parent of a newborn.”


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