Bonding Between Parent and Infant & How Massage Helps


Touch is particularly important for the development of attachment behaviour and for early social development of the young child. Both the infant and parent have the capacity to elicit and respond to behaviour in mutually enjoyable ways. The original infant-parent tie is very important for infants and society, because it is from this original attachment and bonding that all subsequent attachments will follow.

Conditions that enhance development of bonding are the ability of the parent to be sensitive in understanding and responding to his or her infant’s cues, and the amount and nature of the interactions between infant and parent. It is through infant massage that bonding may be deepened.

Social interaction is significant for the parents’ well being, essential for the child’s development during the first three years of life, and paramount thereafter. Babies are social creatures who learn from their interactions with others. Expanding children’s repertoire of interactive behaviours can assist them to influence their world, and deepen their quality of life and the lives of their parents.

Much research has been undertaken into the benefits of touch. The Touch Research Institute lists many studies that have been undertaken with relation to both infant massage and child massage.

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