Family Photography Hobart: 21 of the BEST Outdoor Portrait Locations for young families

Family Photography Hobart: 21 of the BEST Outdoor Portrait Locations for young families

Family Photography Hobart: 21 of the BEST Outdoor Portrait Locations and tips for making your session fun!

Family Photography Hobart and Southern Tasmania – By Family Love Photography

In 2018, it’s more evident than ever that families come in many shapes and sizes. At Family Love Photography,  it gives us so much pleasure to extrapolate what makes each family unique and capture the precious moments to preserve for a lifetime and generations to come. Our goal is to be the leaders in Family Photography Hobart and Southern Tasmania. You can view some of our images here: Family Photography Hobart Professional Photography

Family photography is not only a way of preserving the memories of the personalities and connections between family members, it’s also a fun experience where everyone can be involved. Family Photography can mean different things to different people. We encourage families to think about how they wish to be pictured. Some families prefer the more traditional style of family portrait, everyone looking down the barrel of the camera lens, posed and smiling faces. While others prefer us to capture their treasured moments in a more candid way. This is our favourite way to photograph as everyone is relaxed and doing what comes naturally with those they love most!

We are so proud and grateful to all the wonderful families that we have has the privilege of photographing throughout our years servicing the local community. One thing that we continue to embrace is the diversity of who make up the ‘typical’ Hobart family. What is typical? What is normal? We really dislike these terms, as it tends to stereo type people into categories with labels.

When we recently did a call out for same sex couples to celebrate their unions as part of a Family Photography Hobart model call session. We were so blessed with the amount of loving couples and families who expressed interest in being part of our family photography Hobart project. Although we also found it quite sad that some of these amazing, loving couples and families, still don’t consider themselves a normal family. Again we ask….what is normal? Isn’t a family who love, trust and respect each other a ‘normal family’ regardless of the genders of the parents? That’s a rhetorical question by the way… 😉

Through my years of teaching baby massage to families of Hobart, I have met loads of women who have either decided to start a family on their own, using a donor and many others who are in a committed same sex relationship, who have found a way to extend their family.

Family Photography Hobart encompasses so much. Our clients range from extended families, to couples to friends, roommates, families with pets and generation photoshoots, where we capture the elders. Sometimes it’s the last photos families have of grandparents, great grandparents and great, great grandparents.

It’s quite fascinating that as technology has progressed in what is now the digital age, so many families are wanting to have their images in the digital form, on a disk, a USB or via a Dropbox link. One has to ask, why? Wouldn’t it be better to be able to see and touch your memories on a regular basis? Perhaps this is something we as photographers will never completely understand. We proudly offer premium printed products in the form of wall art (canvases and framed prints) as well as high quality boutique albums and portrait boxes. These image products allow our clients of Hobart who engage us for their family photography needs to immerse themselves in how they identify as a family. Nothing gives us greater pleasure. Of course, we still offer digitals in some of our collections, knowing that some families take comfort in having these. As a professional family Photography business, we always keep your precious images secure and safe. You can take comfort knowing that this is all part of the service we offer.

Here are some images I took of a gorgeous family down at Seven Mile Beach. Little Carter and his two mums, captured here with love and laughter in every image I captured. Ash and Leahanne were keen on displaying their wall art in their lounge room. Using our state of the art image preview software, we were able to preview the images to scale utilising a picture of the clients own lounge room wall! This is something we love to be able to do, as we can plan out the session before the day of the photoshoot.

Family Photography HobartNow for the fun part…. Let’s explore 21 of Hobart’s amazing locations for family photography Hobart and surrounds.


1. The Royal Botanical Gardens. A picturesque setting where there are many different settings from which to choose.


2. Seven Mile Beach


3. Alexander Battery


4. Frogmore Creek Vineyard


5. Richmond Bridge and Historic Surrounds


6. Salamanca Place


7. Fitzroy Gardens


8. The Bay of Fires


9. Wine Glass Bay


10. Mount Wellington and the surrounds of Ferntree


11. Port Arthur Historic Site


12. Eagle Hawk Neck


13. Little Wood Strawberry Farm


14. Lenah Valley Road


15. Hobart Waterfront


16. Mortimer Bay


17. Tasman Peninsula


18. Huon Valley

19. Mount Field National Park


20. Bruny Island


21. New Norfolk


I hope you take the time to explore the beauty that these locations will offer. When you book in your next family photography session in Hobart and surrounds, we look forward to discussing your needs and preferences, to gain insight into the uniqueness of your family. Let’s face it, every family has its quirks and a hint of dysfunction. As the saying goes, ‘you can choose your friends, but you can’t choose your family!’


Our studio is arguably one of the best equipped and most comfortable in the State. As I sit wring this blog post, it’s the first week of winter. As appealing as the outdoors can be for family photography sessions in and around Hobart, perhaps an even more appealing option is to stay clean, dry and warm in the comfort of our purpose designed studio space. After all, it’s the people and the emotions that we’re capturing for you during your session with us, let’s not get distracted from the reason you first thought about engaging a professional to photograph your family.


So there you have it! Now all that’s left to do is book in your session and select from the location! A complimentary session consultation may be arranged by appointment. This is your opportunity to meet with us and see if we’re the right fit for each other. You can also take the opportunity to view and hold the quality products on offer to clients who engage us for their family photography needs. We can talk season, what to expect, what to wear, and how to best prepare for your family photography session as well as where we might photograph you and your family.


Do a search today ‘family photography Hobart’ see who services the State and comes highly recommended for this genre. Check out the recommended family photographers on the Australian Institute of Professional Photographers Website AIPP Family Photography Specialists 

Thank you for reading to the bottom of the blog. We hope you’ve found some valuable tips and we look forward to working with you and your unique family.

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