12 Reasons why all new parents should complete an Infant Massage Course Today

12 Reasons why all new parents should complete an Infant Massage Course Today

Infant Massage Course

In this blog, I’ll take you through some of the main reasons both you and your baby will benefit from participating in our infant massage course. Perhaps you haven’t given it much thought until now, however, be assured that the health, social and emotional aspects of what is offered has an immensely positive impact for the babies and the parents.

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1. Bonding

Massaging your baby from birth establishes a healthy platform to develop trust and enable the parent/infant relationship to grow and thrive. It is said that Massage is a way that we can communicate with our infants, communicating through touch. Touch is the first language of an infant. The Baby Love Infant Massage Course will outline how your baby sees the world and learns through the other senses well before developing verbal skills. Incorporating massage into the daily routine, even if only a few minutes a day, will be very beneficial for both the baby and his/her care giver.

2. Less Crying

When your baby cries, he or she isn’t angry with you, or intentionally trying to make your life difficult. Your baby is merely expressing a need he/she has. Crying is the means they will use to alert you to their need. Did you know that universally babies are said to speak the same language? Neither did I until after the birth of my baby. Read more on this here http://www.dunstanbaby.com/about-us/ Babies express a different cry to express hunger, pain, tiredness. Fascinating, and in all my years teaching infant massage, I wish I had listened to my mother (retired midwife) who had suggested I become familiar with this during my pregnancy. It certainly would have made life easier in the initial weeks/months of having a new baby. Our state’s educator is Sonja Preston of  The Parenting Cafe http://theparentingcafe.com.au/dunstan-baby-language/

3. Improved Sleep

Every new parent wants to hear about something that is going to improve both their own sleep as well as that of their infant. Massaging your infant assists to regulate their sleep patterns, making nap times more predictable. It also relaxes one’s baby so that he is likely to sleep for longer, in a deeper and more ‘sound’ sleep. Isn’t that what every new parent hopes for?! Sleep deprivation is torturous when it becomes consistent. A parents’ ability to function adequately becomes increasingly more difficult, which in turn impacts their mental health. It becomes difficult to respond quickly, to have the energy to respond and the cognitive process responsible for memory becomes almost completely ineffective

4. Cognitive Development

It is amazing the amount the infant brain grows from the newborn stage in just the first two years of life. When I did my infant massage training we were given wheat pack weights to hold and guess which weight applied to each age group. The increase is astounding. By massaging your baby on a regular basis, keeping them engaged and attentive, their little neuro receptors in the brain are being stimulated and this in turn enables faster neurological development.

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5. Socialisation at the infant massage course

Taking part in an infant massage course, is an opportunity for both new parents and their babies to engage in social interactions at a time on their life when they may be feeling vulnerable and possibly quite isolated. It’s comforting to be able to participate in group discussions with those who are also facing similar challenges, where it’s ok to talk non-stop about everything ’baby’ related, without fear of boring those around you. It’s also comforting to have support in a completely non-judgmental environment and the consistent social exposure normalizes what new parents may be feeling certain things are only happening to them eg Baby still not sleeping though the night after 5 months or other such issues. We also provide our attendees with afternoon tea after our sessions to encourage more open conversation. Parents are welcome to talk about anything they like, so long as they’re not being offensive to anyone and remains inclusive and supportive and respectful that another parent might not have the same parenting philosophy as themselves.

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6. Self-Regulation

Often in the early stages of having a new baby, anxiety can take hold at a level that isn’t healthy for new parents. Everything is new. Learning about babies’ sleep, and feeding habits, and how to deal with an explosive nappy change are all things which can contribute to feelings of uncertainty, fear and ultimately anxiety. During the infant massage program, parents will be taught some very basic techniques that they can implement at home to assist with feeling less anxious.

7. Pain Relief

Did you know that massaging your baby using the specific and targeted techniques we teach in this infant massage course, can assist to overcome and often eliminate the discomfort from the pain associated with wind, colic and constipation? By keeping your strokes moving in a clockwise direction on the abdomen, you will always be sending ‘the wind’ well on its way. ‘Better out than in’ they say!

8. Cues

Taking part in an infant massage course will enable the parent or primary care giver an amazing opportunity to build their confidence and feel empowered to interact with their baby, supported all the while by the educator. Both parent and baby are learning together during this time. It is all new for both parties, and the process of learning about each other must not be rushed.

9. Yoga

Did you know that as well as learning how to massage your baby during our infant massage course, you will also get to learn some very useful yoga stretches for your baby. Babies often hold tension in their tiny bodies, yoga promotes calm and relaxation

10. Reflexes

Do you know about the many reflexes your baby uses sometimes continuously throughout each day? The grasp reflex is one I’m sure you will have heard of. When baby grips tight either onto something of just be clenching his or her fingers or toes very firmly, sometimes difficult to pry them apart. In our class we talk about the reflexes, and how they form part of early development. We pay attention to the tension in the body of the baby and work with them to become more soothed and relaxed.

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11. Seeking Permission – The first thing taught at the infant massage course

I cannot stress enough how important it is to be seeking permission with your infant, before engaging in massage. You might be asking why? After all, they are just a baby, they can’t answer yes or no. Well actually they can. Not in words, but though no verbal cues. It is good practice to respect your infant as being their own person, rather than something you own or a possession. By seeking permission right from the start, both you and your child will learn about trust, respect and rights. As your infant grows older, you will find the word ’no’ becomes more frequently used. They start to explore and form opinions.

12. No do-overs

Your baby is only going to be this young once. Which is why it’s vital to embrace this beautiful stage in life, be open to learning and not always ‘getting it right’. I bet the nursing staff didn’t give you an instruction manual when you left the hospital after your baby was born….if only one existed! Fortunately, those who invest their love time and energy into doing our infant massage course absolutely love it. The feedback we have received since the inception of the course has been outstanding. I’m proud to represent Infant Massage Australia as the Tasmanian State Representative and I look forward to having you in my course soon.

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