Maternity Photography : 21 ideas to INSPIRE your maternity portrait session

Maternity Photography : 21 ideas to INSPIRE your maternity portrait session

Maternity Photography


21 Ideas to inspire your Maternity Photography Session


Maternity photography is becoming increasingly popular with expectant mums. They are positively glowing, and we are here to help them shine even more! Every expectant mum deserves to treasure this special time and preserve the memories with bespoke ‘maternity photography’.


  1. Think outside the box. Sure, we could go for a standard studio session or session on location. Though what if you could be even more goddess like with a stunning floral milk bath photoshoot! We offer only a limited number of these sessions, they’re amazing. Mums to be get to enjoy a relaxing pamper in the bath while stunning portraits are taken of her floating in the still water. Simply breathtaking maternity photography.


  1. Lace is a classic fabric that never dates. Let us dress you in one of our simply stunning studio supplied gowns where we will capture only the most flattering shots for you to hold onto and remember the final weeks of your pregnancy.


  1. Beach babes! Well, actually, I prefer to refer to these portraits as outdoor opulence. The expecting mum stands on the beach watching the waves roll in. She feels the breeze in her hair which blows beautifully back to create some of the most stunning maternity photography subject matter you’ve ever seen.


  1. Studio luxury – with our personalised attention at your maternity photography in studio session, you will have access to our entire wardrobe of stunning gowns, sourced both locally and overseas to create the maternity photography experience you can only imagine in the movies. Here we treat every new mum as the star. After all, it’s not only the birth of a new baby, it’s also the birth of a new mother we are celebrating!

  1. Show us your skin! Well perhaps that sounds a little raunchy, however I can assure you that we can pose our expectant mums for their maternity photography session in such a way with mostly skin showing that highlights their beautiful baby bump, these are the images that you will treasure forever!


  1. Let’s get some romance happening! In the spirit of valentine’s day (today if I’m not mistaken), we want to capture you and your partner celebrating the life you have created together. We will capture you candidly as well as in gorgeous poses so that you can look back at your maternity photography session with only the fondest of loving memories!


  1. Kids! Is this your first baby? Or is baby lucky enough to have older siblings? If there are sisters, bothers, half, or step siblings, we welcome the opportunity to involve your family in your session. Sometimes the most precious images are of the expecting Miss or Master 4 years holding mummy’s belly and looking at up at her in absolute excitement as they eagerly anticipate the arrival of their new sibling. Gush, this one made me a little teary!


  1. Check out some pics online. Sure, we can give you loads of guidance and tips and help you feel at ease, though sometimes it helps us if you can pin point some of your favourites – for some of our samples, head over and check out our website


  1. Silhouettes – There is little that is more stunning than a beautifully back lit silhouette image of a pregnant woman as she stands side on so that we can capture her stunning profile. Talk with us if you would like to incorporate some of these types of images into your maternity photography session!


  1. Black and white – images captured and processed and converted to classic black and while are timeless. It’s a skill we photographers have in the way we shape light and as part of our post production that we can transform an image to be so striking. We add contrast and depth and we play with the shadows and highlights and mid-tones of each image until we create the perfect balance of artistic perfection.


  1. Incorporate something fun! Do you have a hobby, or a sport or something you love to do in your spare time? Perhaps you’re into soccer? Can you just picture your hubby holding a cute little pair of soccer boots against your bump to really make the images about you and your life? You might have to use your imagination a bit here….


  1. Perhaps you have just the thing in your wardrobe that would be perfect for your maternity photoshoot. Perhaps you’re afraid to ask us if it would be appropriate! Well please do! We love to have your contributions and feedback. We love to hear your ideas so that together we can create something truly special in our time together.


  1. Some of the most beautiful images are captured at the beach just before at and after sunset. They call this ‘golden hour’ in the photography word. Where the sun is at a low point in the sky and capturing images in soft ideal lighting conditions is almost guaranteed.


  1. Sunrise…well yes it’s true, this time of day also makes for stunning images, however I’m not really a morning person, so you would probably have to sweet talk me into doing one of these haha! Seriously though, most mornings I’m up getting my 7 year old ready for school J


  1. Fabric wraps. There is nothing more fun than playing around with fabric and wrapping mum up in layers of beautiful chiffon or even beautifully soft jersey stretch fabrics. We can create so many different effects with pieces of material that ordinarily might just resemble an ordinary bed sheet 😉


  1. Wo are we already up to 16? It just goes to show that the options are endless. Let’s talk hair. We can chat about how you prefer to wear your hair. You might like a mix of hair up and hair down. Start with a loose and funky up do and then pull it out and let the hair flow down your back and give it a tussle. Assuming you have long hair…anyway I digress. We have an assortment of beautifully crafted hair pieces and flower crowns and these can look amazing on just about anyone. Trust us, if it doesn’t suit you, we will find something that does, that’s our job and we love it!


  1. Always have a contingency plan. Perhaps we have discussed your maternity photography preferences and have a session at the beach locked in. The weather forecast looks like it’s going to be just ghastly for days. Let’s be sensible about this. Let’s look at another option. Is there somewhere else under cover? In studio or a milk bath that might work just as well? Remember this ladies, the expectant mum must expect the unexpected haha, those who have already had babies will know what I mean by this!


  1. Ok, so this is something we really need to get right. If your wearing a beautiful black lacey sheer dress, you really don’t want to turn up wearing your finest white cotton bonds. I always suggest mums have nude underwear. This won’t show under white or black.


  1. I’ve always wondered what it would be like to photograph a mum who has had hand painted artistry on her belly! That’s an idea that would be pretty funky to see in images. Maybe a little alternative, though totally awesome to photograph!


  1. Preparation – this is key. Make sure you have had someone clean your toenails and clip them. Always refrain from using bold nail polish as doing this can detract from your photos. Never, ever, leave your toenail polish from 6 weeks also that is all chipping and ‘manky’. This is what we call a photoshop nightmare. I will personally remove it before we begin, I’m that committed! 😉


  1. Relax and start to get excited! You are soon to have a brand new baby. If you are relaxed and happy, this will show through in your photos.


We can’t wait to capture your pregnancy in bespoke, tasteful and simply beautiful imagery. Call us to talk about your session…..we would love to hear from you!


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