Newborn Photography: 30 TOP Tips to Choose the Right Photographer

Newborn Photography: 30 TOP Tips to Choose the Right Photographer

newborn photographySo why is newborn photography a must have? Babies are only newborn once. A very small window of opportunity is available in the first 3-10 days after the birth of your baby, to capture your baby in his or her ‘newborn’ phase of life. The main reason it is recommended to book in your newborn photography shoot during this timeframe, is to increase the likelihood of being able to achieve the adorable little posed sleeping photos of baby. In the first days immediately following birth, baby is sleeping much more soundly and for longer periods of time.

Newborn Photography

Let’s look at the top 30 things you should be considering before you book your newborn photographer. We have prepared a checklist that we recommend you follow:

1. Is your Photographer Professional?

Is your Professional Photographer actually, ‘Professional’ – What do we mean here? Doesn’t having good photos mean photographers are professional? Well, not always. Selecting a member of the AIPP (Australian Institute of Professional Photography) will set your mind at ease, knowing that the photographer has passed all elements of a stringent accreditation process. They must follow a strict code of industry ethics, as well as ensure that they work to continually develop professionally. AIPP members must provide evidence of this to the Industry National Body each year to retain their accreditation.

2. Are they experienced with babies?

Is your Newborn Photographer actually experienced with babies? Rest assured Baby Love Infant Massage and Photographics know babies, and better than most! Our lead photographer has been teaching parents Infant Massage since 2012. Which is why she has become known as ‘The Photographer who knows babies’

3. Are they trained to handle babies safely?

Newborn Safety – Ensure your newborn photography expert is also trained to handle young babies. Safety is paramount and should ALWAYS come first, over getting a good photo. We skillfully produce composite images (meaning one or more images may be taken and blended to achieve a single image), so that your baby is completely safe and never at any risk throughout our sessions.

4. Do they have insurance?

Does your photographer hold adequate levels of public liability and indemnity insurance? We have our cover with AON – tick that one off!

5. Do they have professional equipment?

What’s in their camera bag? We all know it’s the photographer that produces the image, and the camera and lens play only a small part in this…though you should take comfort knowing that your professional has a range of lenses that assist to produce different types of images. Our kit consists of an 85mm F1.4 Art series lens, this produces beautiful portraits, fading out the background, which in photography terms is known as bokeh. We also use a 100mm prime lens, this is a macro lens and can focus well to pick up on the finer details in the images, such as tiny baby hands and feet. We have a 70-200mm F2.8 lens – this one is super heavy and is great for shooting at distances with it’s amazing zoom! Our 24-70mm F2.8 is our go-to lens – a wider angle lens that has some ‘room to zoom’. We may use a variety of these lenses throughout your session with us.

6. Is their studio space warm and inviting?

What will the studio environment be like? Our beautiful boutique studio space is warm, clean and inviting. It’s equipped with the latest cinematic viewing style hardware. We cater for both new and expectant parents as well as larger families. We have a change table and ample room for your family to be comfortable during your session. We encourage you to come and see for yourself!

7. Will you have privacy?

Will you be comfortable breastfeeding there? Of course. If you would like us to allocate you a private area, if it makes you feel more at ease, we can accommodate this.

8. Is there changing facilities?

Are there adequate change facilities available? In addition to a deluxe change table for the babies, we offer the rest of the family a separate luxury bathroom.

9. Is there plenty of space for Newborn Photography?

Is there room for other members of my family to come too? There is plenty of room for them to come along if they are participating in the photoshoot. We have several zones the family can relax in while they’re not the subject of what we are photographing at the time.

10. Are their flexible payment options?

Do they offer the flexibility of an interest free payment plan? Because we sure do! Our clients understand that photography is an investment.

11. Are they Government approved?

Does your newborn photographer hold a current ‘Working with vulnerable People’ Card? It is essential your professional holds this card. It is a requirement for anyone who works with children.

12. Can you preview your images?

Can you preview what your images will look like on display in your home, before you place your order? Our premium software will provide you with the peace of mind that what you order will a) something that will fit well onto the wall space you would like to feature your wall art on.

13. Is parking easy?

Is there FREE ample onsite parking? Yes! Conveniently located just 10-12 minutes from Hobart on the Eastern Shore. Park right by the entrance!

14. Are they relatable?

Is your professional photographer a mother? Really I suppose this shouldn’t make a difference. Though, to some new parents, it’s really important to have someone who has ‘been there’ had a baby, breastfed and bottle fed, and can relate to your current circumstances.

15. That little something extra!

Is there play equipment, toys and activities for busy toddlers and older siblings? The studio has an array of exciting goodies to keep your little person occupied and stimulated when they aren’t required to be in front of the camera. There is also a huge trampoline onsite! To be used only with parental supervision.

16. What does your gut say?

Your gut. Instinct will always tell you to go with your gut. If you get a good feeling about someone, take it a step further. Meet them!

17. Do they have lots of props?

What is available to you while you’re in the studio? From maternity gowns to newborn wraps, blankets, baskets and more! We have got you covered! Literally!

18. Do they go above and beyond?

The 1% er’s we like to call them. The cup of tea, coffee and maybe even some treats that we replenish for you during your time with us. We love to treat our clients to an experience they will remember, for the right reasons!

19. Do you have peace of mind?

A satisfaction guarantee – if you’re not happy, we’re not happy – On a very rare occasion, you might need to return if we don’t feel that the newborn photography session is progressing the way it should be. We need to ensure your images are nothing short of awesome!

20. What is the quality of their products?

Superior products – All of our products are sourced from reputable professional printing labs around the country, and locally where possible.

21. Are they reliable?

A professional photographer will always utilise a backup system so that your files are kept safe, and securely archived.

22. Are they part of a professional network?

A newborn photography professional will have a good network of reputable collages that you could be referred to, if for unforeseen circumstances, they were unable to photograph your session.

23. Are they flexible?

A professional photographer will be able to shoot well in both natural light and studio light. They will use equipment such as strobes and flashes on camera or continuous lighting if daylight needs a little boost.

24. Do they have the right lighting for Newborn Photography?

A professional will use a large ‘soft box’ to produce and shape light for their newborn photography subjects. Sometimes they might use reflective umbrella’s

25. Do others recommend them?

It’s a good idea to check their social media following and their testimonials on Google and Facebook.

26. Is there a Relaxation Zone?

Is there somewhere for new parents to rest? New parents are usually pretty sleep deprived. They can rest in the comfort of the studio space. Kick back in a recliner chair and have a snooze! We can wake you if we need to 😉

27. Do they have stringent Quality Control?

A professional will supply your products from a pro print lab with quality control standards, always.

28. Is their a diverse product range?

There should be a suitable range of options, for every budget, without the confusion of way too many things, meaning it might get to the point where you just don’t want to bother.

29. Do they do their own post production?

We proudly complete our own newborn photography and general image processing and retouching right here in the studio office.

30. Are they local?

We are one of the rare studios lucky enough to be close to Hobart, yet boasting a picturesque rural position. Meaning there is the option of studio and ‘on location’ combined into a single photoshoot!

So there you have it – certainly lots to consider as you research the options available in Hobart for newborn photography.  We hope you have taken away some valuable tips here!

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